The South Parish has a strong neighbourhood character represented by a number of groups including South Parish Community Association, the Barrack Street Community Group and the Douglas Street Business Association.


The mix of residential, commercial and historic buildings and streets in the South parish come together to form a rich history and unique character that make this walkable neighbourhood one of the most definable quarters in the city.


Some key improvements that have happened int
he South Parish neighbourhood recently include:

  • The opening of Nano Nagle Place.
  • Visitor numbers to Elizabeth Fort have grown year on year and the involvement of Landmark Trust in planning to develop tourism accommodation on site is also welcome.
  • The Green Spaces for Healthy Cities project is currently focusing on creating greening projects for the area through community
  • The establishment of Douglas Street Business Association and their active collaborative work on the street, including the Autumn Street festival, is very welcome.
  • Twenty five premises have availed of the Painting Grant scheme – this has really enhanced the area.

Key Project

The development of the Nano Nagle Place has been a real game changer for teh rea, bringing new mix of uses to the neighbouhood, including a heritage centre, archives, deli/cafe, a design shop, gardens and a range of community groups.

Key Future Project

The development of the hotel on Sullivans Quay.