Age Friendly City Strategy

Recently, at an event in the Lord Mayor’s Chambers, Cork City Hall, four Cork companies received their registration certificates confirming their Age Friendly Business status from Cllr P.J. Hourican, Deputy Lord Mayor as part of Cork City Council’s ongoing commitment to Cork being an Age Friendly City.

The companies involved were Leader and Co, Vibes and Scribes, Fachtna O’ Driscoll solicitors and Cogans Of Carrigaline.

The programme, developed by  Age Friendly Ireland and delivered locally by Cork City Council’s Age Friendly City Programme Manager,Chris Dorgan,  aims at promoting the commercial as well as social benefits to companies in making changes to business practices to better meet the requirements of older customers who form a critical market for retail and service companies.

The programme is supported locally by Cork Chamber, Cork Business Association, Cork City Local Enterprise Office and Cork City Council.

To achieve this status companies must first:

  • Appoint an age-friendly champion within the company.
  • Attend an age-friendly business training programme.
  • Research through, liaising with customers or potential customers, what actions needed to be taken by the company to deliver on this promise.
  • Agree 3 items that the organisation was committed to which would form part of their charter with customers to be displayed on their premises.

Speaking at the presentation Chris Dorgan, Programme Manager stated:

“We are delighted with the commitment these companies have given to the Age Friendly ethos. It makes perfect business sense given the spending power of this segment of the population as well as being socially conscious. Programmes like this need early innovators and we hope these companies will act as an incentive to more companies to make this commitment going forward.”

Information on Age Friendly business training in 2017, which is free of charge to all participating companies, can be obtained by contacting

Chris Dorgan
Age Friendly City Programme Manager
Cork City Council
Tel: 021 – 4924076