Cork City Council has drawn together key stakeholders including Cork Chamber, Cork Business Association, Gardai and Bus Eireann, as well as representatives from the retail and hospitality sectors in the city, to form CORE.

The CORE partnership takes an overall strategic view towards the management and promotions of all aspects of city life. CORE means something that is central to existence or character, and certainly Cork City Centre is at the heart of a dynamic and vibrant region.

The collaboration sees us focusing on the city centre, strategically and operationally, and working to ensure that opportunities are maximised and the city centre achieves and hopefully surpasses its enormous potential.


City Council City Centre Steering Group

A key element in the structure is the City Council Internal Steering Group which is  a group made up of senior management focused on the development of the city centre.

Another important innovation is the division of the city centre into six character areas or quarters with a member of senior management responsible for a specific area along with a planner.

City Centre Forum

Another important element of the CORE process is the City Centre Forum.  This is an operational group of CORE which has developed some very practical projects such as Cork Cashes Out and the Purple Flag