The Event Centre



The Event Centre Cork


The new events centre on the site of the old Beamish & Crawford brewery will be capable of hosting 6,000 people at a time. It is being developed by BAM Construction and will be run by Live Nation.

Development News

Mike Adamson said they expect it will host between 170 and 200 performances a year, including concerts, shows, and conventions, attracting up to 500,000 patrons, providing employment for up to 30 full-time staff, with employment figures reaching up to 300 around large-scale performances.

Live Nation, which also operates the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin, said the Cork facility would host similar events staged in the capital, including West End musicals and concerts by some of the world’s top artists.

“This will have a great economic impact on Cork, on the hotels particularly. We estimated that benefit to be in the region of €15m per annum,” he said.

“It will be a very unique venue, it will be multi-purpose which means it will be able to change very quickly from one format to the other.”

“We hope to give it identity and character so that the people of Cork can say this is ours, this is not a copy, this is our baby.”