Barrack Street / South Parish

The Barrack Street/South Parish area has a rich and colourful history and is an iconic area of Cork City Centre. Elizabeth Fort came under the ownership of Cork City Council in 2013 and attracted 30,000 visitors last year. There are a number of notable businesses which have been trading on Barrack Street for many years with several new additions in recent years. The area will soon benefit from the redevelopment of the South Presentation convent as the Nano Nagle Centre. This will serve as an important tourist attraction as well as a valuable amenity in the area.


The area has a strong residential character and is represented by a number of groups including the South Parish residents Association , South Parish safety forum and most recently the Barrack Street Community Group.

04 May
Painting grants scheme applications are currently being processed by Cork City Council for Barrack Street.
A planning application has also being submitted recently for the conversion of two vacant buildings on Barrack street into a hostel.